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An excellent book for those who are just beginning familiarity with the foreign exchange market. Written with humor, complex terms are explained simply and clearly, very easy to read, and "in the same breath." Although the author is not without some subjectivity in the approach.
We have tried as much as possible to save you from the kilometer-long mathematical formulas and English terms. In cases where their use was justified, you will find directly in the text transcript of each concept. Think of this book as the beginning of a long journey. It is much written about finance, but more about people and we all love psychology. Our main desire was to instil in you the enthusiasm to infect this interesting work, and of course the show in all its glory, that there is a world currency market and how it can be daunting and operate. Instead of boring since: Warning! Caution If you picked up this book- beware. Firstly, it is not like you can when you understand this, you will be terribly sorry for wasted time and wasted money. We'll have to once again think about their share of heavy .... Naturally, this will only happen if you love to sit around and grieve over years lived aimlessly, occasionally sprinkling ashes on his head and cursing his hard life. Yet we hope that once you get tired of it. And as soon as this light will come a day or try to start over. Secondly, (Warning, it's much worse), this book can you enjoy and being crazy. And so that 'there can not, I can not sleep, I want to read again and again. " Come on, here we have a little crafty, so who does not happen ... Ladies and gentlemen! Do not take in your hand and do not read this book, and especially not those engaged in what is written in it. We strongly recommend you do not. WHY ?! Because it will cause in your life colossal change. And if you want to change ???
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