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Questions sots.prosa:

1. Do you believe in God / Allah in?

2. Is there a person in the world, whom you could give your life?

3. Is there a person in the world, you could be transplanted one of his kidneys?

4. Would you agree to come to work (university, school) in the nude naked as if you were offered a million dollars?

5. Imagine that the world already has the elixir of absolute immortality by drinking which a man with a great desire, even death could not die. Would you be willing to drink this elixir, if you offered it?

6. Do you believe that it is necessary to eliminate child with congenital malformation?

7. Do you believe in the true, self-sacrificing love?

8. How do you think, what love is stronger?

9. Do you respect the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev?

10. How would you handle your money, if you won the lottery a million dollars?

The respondents' answers are incorporated in the database on the computer. The results of the social. Poll summed up by a specially developed computer program. All results are reported as a percentage.
After payment you will receive .RTF-results file sots.oprosa. The document is opened by the editor Microsoft WORD.

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