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After payment, you will receive a login and password to enter billing hosting (a system where you can order hosting). In the billing account, there will already be the amount necessary to pay two months of the tariff plan "R3 cPanel NL"
Link to the tariff plans:

The cost of the tariff plan "R3 cPanel NL" includes:
- Disk space (MB) 15000
- up to 7 sites on the account (You can purchase a dedicated IP)
- Unlimited traffic
- Mailboxes 15 (possibly increasing to 50)
- FTP access
- SSL (encryption)
- MySQLe
- cPanel

All orders are processed automatically, the hosting account will be activated instantly after you select it in billing.
You can spend money in billing only to order hosting accounts!

All kinds of ADULT sites are allowed on the hosting, except for child porn and zoo.
The tariff is promotional.
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