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Book Oven BBQ. Complete guide to action. Format A5, 164 pages.

The book will tell you how very, brick, build oven-barbecue in the garden. You will learn what will be needed for this tools and materials. What is the need clothing and protective equipment. Each row of bricks is described in detail and is equipped with a bright and clear illustrations. Provides detailed drawings to explain all the necessary aspects of construction. At the end of the book you will find all the technical documentation, as well as "Work schedule", "Statement of ordering materials" and drawings of parts to order their stove on the side. In short, this book - the definitive guide to action from "A" to "Z". Now you only need to make a determination of the case.

Good Luck To You!
In the .zip file you get the book file format .pdf. Book format A5 landscape, 164 pages.
09.10.2018 17:53:01
Толковая книга,по весне буду строить.