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Program registration of vehicles and their owners developed on Delphi 7. As a database using MS Access.
Immediately after the start of the program to become available to the user´s main window, as shown in the screenshot.

In the main window, provides the following controls:
      - Main menu and toolbar for quick access to the menu of the main menu.
      - Search records.
      - Table with records of car owners.

The structure of the main menu consists of the following elements: "Accounting", "Reference", "Print" and "Help".

Menu items "Account" as follows:
- Add to the car owner´s account.
- Change in accounting for the car owner.
- Remove from the car owner´s account.

Menu items "Directory" as follows:
- Owners.
- Stamps.
- Colors.

The menu item "Print" as follows:
- Print vehicle owners.

The menu item "Help" as follows:
- About the program.
- User´s Guide.

If you want to change something in the source code you need to connect an additional component DCLQRT70.BPL. To do this, go to the following path from the menu Delphi: Component -> Install Packages in the window that appears, click the button «Add ...», then go to the folder \ Delphi7 \ Bin
Product Options:
  - Source code of the project taking into account vehicles and their owners;
- The database access (table 4);
- The help system for the program;
- Compiled for the program.
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