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3ii program designed to reduce the service links 3ii, sokraschalki feature of this is that the abbreviated links get to the destination site immediately, but after 25 seconds, and while there is time, the user is shown with the final part of the text page and ad unit.

Service gives the opportunity to develop their software and provides developers API, I in turn wrote sokraschalku any links.

The program works like this:

When you first start you need to enter APIKEY and Password, you will get them on the web-site

After starting it to get into the Trey and later awaits pressing Win + E. When clicked, it takes the buffer link

and tries to reduce its service rezltate as shown in the window and get a link is copied to the clipboard.

No extra action, quickly and conveniently.

Before you buy, you can try the demo version, demo version is limited to 10 links per day.

Try the demo version:

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