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One of the basic materials of the March issue of "Home PC" was supposed to be a group test motherboard platform Sandy Bridge. Alas, found in chipsets sixth series of error confused plans not only Intel and OEMs, but the magazine. Although

only 5% of users may potentially face the problem of degradation of ports SATA II, carried out in such conditions, testing is meaningless, so we moved it to May, when the board will replace the defective new revisions. This blunder, according to rough estimates, the cost Intel $ 1 billion, although the fact that the company immediately reported the fault and the results announced on the exchange of components, worthy of respect.

The second discussed news in February was the message about the alliance Nokia and Microsoft. According to the agreement between the former rivals, the Finnish company refuses to release its own smartphone platforms in the Symbian and MeeGo, shifting the entire line of devices on the Windows Phone 7 is likely the next version. It is interesting that here, too, suffered the interests of Intel, in conjunction with Nokia to develop MeeGo OS and makes it a specific bid. The market reacted to the quick announcement: Nokia shares have fallen dramatically, some shareholders opposed to such a union, the company made known distrust of ordinary employees. Analysts in one voice called the move a mistake and loss forecast Nokia's leading position in the market. It seems to me, to draw such conclusions too early, and by Microsoft, and Nokia - serious players, and certainly hid a couple of aces up its sleeve,

so we wait for the fall of the real products and announcements.

In the meantime, let's see what shows another manufacturers of smartphones and tablets at Mobile World Congress 2011, the report from which you will find on page. 10.
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