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Economic calculations in the format of Excel. File list:

Break-even point in excel

Variance analysis (factor analysis)

Form analytical note

Example economic justification purchase of equipment (spray booth)

Sales program

The file in Excel for filling and inspection of work performed. Version 2

The form of the act to change consumption norms

Register Payment: Cash

Payment of fuel for private cars

Template for calculating salaries in Excel

Balance of working time in the enterprise

Calculation of premium sales manager

The coefficient of labor participation (KTU)

Profitability analysis outlets

The calculation of the maximum discounts with increasing sales

Working capital turnover

Accounting for consumption norms. Universal file in Excel

Progressive complexity of rules and payment capacity

The form for single orders

Register payments: the current account

Calculating the cost of services of the warehouse

Break-Even Point shop

Payback equipment (CNC lathe)

Pricing (calculation)

An example of analysis of the composition and structure of fixed assets

Rating assortment

Break even. Solving problems

The need for production personnel

DDS project

Valuation of intangible assets

Create a price list

Application Form CFB

Rent or purchase of vehicles ??

The material balance of production

Pricing (calculation) - 2

Report on the status of accounts receivable

Example of calculating the break-even point in Excel

Statement of changes in prices

Example timesheets

Operational accounting components in Excel

Calculating the cost of factoring services

How to calculate the minimum price for the products?

The calculation of the need for road transport

Incremental analysis

How to choose a bank for companies

Example analysis of the impact changing the value of fixed assets in the output

Weekly report on the volumes produced and sold products

Enlargement of the product range

Scheduling of shipments of products

The file in Excel for filling and inspection of work performed

Accounting for loans, deposits, interest

The register of contracts

Forecast performance of the company

How to calculate the actual cost?

Project Budget

Schedule of accounts receivable

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