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QQE, MetaTrader indicator - an indicator of quantitative and qualitative evaluation based on a fairly complex calculation of the smoothed indicator RSI. As a result, we get 2 lines in a separate indicator window - fast and slow. Also, there is also an important indicator of the level (50), which is used in the signal. You can include text, sound signals and by e-mail for this indicator.
Input parameters:

SF (default = 5) - smoothing factor.

AlertLevel (default = 50) - Level to send signals. Do not modify.

MsgAlerts (default = true) - if true, the text messages are displayed with the signals.

SoundAlerts (default = true) - if true, then the signal will be played audio file.

SoundAlertFile (default = "alert.wav") - a file name for the audio signal.

eMailAlerts (default = false) - if true, an email will be sent a letter about the signal. MetaTrader has to be configured to send e-mail.

In the original trading system using QQE indicator signals are generated when the blue line crosses level 50 and the yellow (dotted) line. But I recommend using the following signals for trading: buy when the blue line crosses yellow line from below while both are below level 50; sell when the blue line crosses yellow line from above while both are above level 50.
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