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In this unique study on the role of risk in our society, Peter Bern-Stein argues that the development of methods for risk assessment and control of a major feature of our times, distinguishing it from earlier eras. Risk - this is more a choice than a lot. Actions that we must take, depending on the information available to us the freedom of choice - that's what the risk really is. To judge how modern methods of handling the risk are good or evil, after blowing-examine the entire history of the issue from the outset. The book describes the constellation of thinkers whose remarkable insight helps us to learn to put the future at the service of the present. Show the world how to understand and measure the risk and evaluate it in the investigation, they turn up at risk in one of the most important catalysate-ditch progress of modern Western society. Changing attitudes to risk, due to their achievements, stimulate man's passion for the game and commercial risks sposobst Vuia-raising living standards and technological progress. "Against the Gods" - one of those rare books that make acquaintance with the most difficult problems of our time in the mud-pois delightful reading.

The book comes with a detailed bibliography and pointers. Designed for eco-Misty entrepreneurs, historians of science, and for a wide range of readers.

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