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The collection includes such "hits" of Soviet music, such as:

- "I wanna be with you" (group "Nautilus Pompilius")

- "Bouquet" (A.Barykin)

- "Twilight" (VIA "Singing Guitar")

- "20 Years Later" (Yu.Antonov)

- "Bialowieza Forest" (VIA "Pesnyary")

- "The grass near the house" (a group of "Earthlings")

Also all these compositions are laid separately

File pdf, notes duplicated tabulaturoy.Est watermark protection and file changes. If your reader beginning "to swear" (do not open the file), or incorrectly printed (the watermark on top of the music) - use the Foxit Phantom - I have a problem with the file takoy.Budut - contact me, I will help 100%

The request not to spread the acquired notes you free access. Enjoy parse successful game!
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