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File format Excel, with which you can calculate the rate of labor participation (KTU) for employees Brigade

Workers perform a variety of work crews. All the works are assigned to the following points:

Working conditions (physical activity). Heavy exercise - 3 points, medium - 2 points, small - 1 point;

Ability to work on the equipment. 1 point for every kind of skill on the equipment;

Ability to set up equipment. 2 points for each skill as equipment;

The intensity of the work. Based on a 3-point scale. 3 points for the most intensive work and then descending.

Implementation of quality control. 1 point for the implementation of this function;

Responsibility. Based on a 3-point scale. 3 points for the most important work to continue to diminish.

Each employee teams, each parameter is assigned to the corresponding points. These scores are added together and the sum of scores for each person divided by the total number of points for the team, and is multiplied by the number of people in the team. Thus it turns CTS.
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