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MK Gochijaev The judicial investigation as an objective basis for legitimate and reasonable sentence: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - Krasnodar: Kuban State Agrarian University, 2006. - 214 p.



Chapter 1. The judicial investigation - a key stage of the proceedings

1.1. Court as an independent subject of proof

1.2. The judicial investigation as a set of legal proceedings aimed at collecting and evaluating evidence

1.3. Independence and objectivity of the court in an adversarial process - a necessary condition for the establishment of truth and of sentencing

Chapter 2. The judicial investigation - a necessary condition objectively reasonable and lawful sentence

2.1. Compliance with court proceedings - guarantee the legality of the sentence

2.2. Informed decision procedure and reasoned verdict

2.3. The sentence as a result of the proceedings



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