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Excellent jazz composition from our musical master Gennady Gladkov. While I did not meet the guitar version of this melody, I´m putting my order on the court. Quite complex texture - "walking" bass, barre, streamers, chords. For middle and advanced guitarists.
File pdf, notes duplicated tablature and file only with notes. The file can have a watermark and protection from changing the file. If your for pdf does not open the file, or incorrectly printed - contact me, I will help 100%.
The arrangement is done with a love of good music, for each spent dozens of hours of time (including working off the performance for video recording, etc.)
Kindly requested: do not upload the arrangements you purchased (or typed in another music editor) in free access. Please, in public performance, or when transferring to another electronic format - indicate the author of the transcription. Pleasant analysis, good game!
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