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Map Revda, scanned from a paper map. The quality is excellent. All the streets and house numbers there.

View much smaller versions of maps Revda possible here:

Opening the page you will see a list of files, among which are a few pictures, as follows:



Why is this card?

This card is used in many enterprises, such as taxis, water utility and others. Printed map. She previously sold in kiosks and everyone can safely buy it, but as it happens in the right time cards are simply not at hand, which is why I suggest that for the same money that it sold in kiosks and downloaded from here in comfort.

Detailed maps allows us to consider numbers of houses and streets of the streets, excellent views of the villages. The name of the river's tributaries Revda, railroads, timber, etc.

Why is this card instead of Google Map?

Quite simply, our small town, and the detail in the Google Map is simply ridiculous, let alone signed objects. Before Google even showed Revd as one green spot, you can now see the house, but still nothing signed but a couple of streets, try to see and I'm sure you want to buy more typographic option.

After purchasing the product, you get a link to download the card in the format of PNG. File size of about 25 megabytes.
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