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Rakov AV The use of military courts criminal penalties against military personnel: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice, 2004. - 235 p.



Chapter I. The social and legal foundations of criminal sentencing by military courts of the Russian Federation

§ 1. The validity of the differentiation and individualization as the principal base criminal sentencing

§ 2. General requirements for legislation defining criminal sentencing soldiers

Chapter II. The implementation of the principles of military courts of differentiation and individualization of punishment in the process of his appointment

§ 1. Factors affecting the sentencing of soldiers and their methods of keeping in practice of the military courts

§ 2. The reasons for miscarriages of military courts in sentencing and the main directions of their prevention

Chapter III. Topical issues of application of criminal punishment by military courts

§ 1. Purpose of, and pursuant to an exemption from special types of penalties applied to the military

§ 2. The resolution by a military court of criminal law and penal issues in the execution of the sentence



Appendix № 1. About a poll of lawyers and the results of its processing

Appendix № 2. Factors to be considered by military courts when sentencing military motivation (information on the results of a study of criminal cases)

Appendix № 3. Statistics conviction troops according to military courts (table)

Appendix № 4. Statistics conviction according Balashikha military garrison military court (charts, tables)

Appendix № 5. Algorithms individualization of punishment


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