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Shulepova LF Additional criminal law of the Federal Republic of Germany (concept, system, sources): Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice, 2005. - 208 p.



Chapter I. Additional criminal law as a structural element of the criminal law of the Federal Republic of Germany

§ 1. The definition of "criminal law" in the German science of criminal law

§ 2. The system of criminal law and additional German criminal law as it is a structural element

§ 3. Historical background of formation of additional criminal law and the role of Germany in crime rates in its development

Chapter II. Additional sources of criminal law of the Federal Republic of Germany

§ 1. General characteristics and scientific classification of sources of additional criminal law of Germany

§ 2. The International Criminal Germany, its structure and place in the German criminal law

§ 3. Military Criminal Law of Germany and its criminally-legal value




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