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Grinyova DA The search for missing persons (legal, operational and investigative and forensic aspects): Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Law Institute of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation, 2006. - 200 p.



Chapter 1. The concept, essence and legal regulation of tracing missing PERSONS

§ 1. Concept and essence of the search for missing persons

§ 2. The legal regulation of the activity of tracing missing persons and ways to improve it

Chapter 2. Operational-Investigative ASPECT INVESTIGATION missing persons: a typical situation, the version

§ 1. Operative-search version for typical situations disappearances of citizens

§ 2. Nomination and check the versions in the disappearances of persons. Versions of non-criminal circumstances surrounding the disappearance

§ 3. Nomination and testing versions of the disappearance of persons under criminal circumstances,

Chapter 3. INVESTIGATION forensic aspects of missing persons: application of certain provisions forensic tactics, techniques and technology

§ 1. Application of certain provisions of forensic tactics and techniques in the search for missing persons

§ 2. The objective necessity of application of certain provisions of forensic technology in the search for missing persons


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