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Nizamitdinova EM Exemption from punishment on the Russian criminal law: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - Kazan: Kazan State University. VI Ulyanov-Lenin, 2006. - 208 p.



Chapter One. Exemption from punishment as a form of realization of criminal responsibility

1. The concept and forms of realization of criminal liability

2. Concept, legal nature of the exemption from punishment and its place in the Institute of acquittal

Chapter Two. Legislative regulation of exemption from punishment in Russia and other countries

1. Regulation of exemption from punishment in the history of Russian criminal law

2. Regulation of the types of release from punishment in the legislation of the Russian Federation and their classification

3. Exemption from punishment under the criminal law of foreign countries

Chapter Three. Types of conditional release from serving a sentence under the Criminal Code

1. The essence, the legal nature and basis of parole from punishment

2. Concept and base delay punishment for pregnant women and women with young children

Chapter Four. Other types of exemptions from further punishment

1. Exemption from punishment due to illness

2. Exemption from punishment by amnesty and pardon


List used in the writing of the dissertation of laws, other regulations, literature and practice materials

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