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This program is designed to encrypt text. It is a protected notebook, recording automatically cryptographic text file using a special algorithm for converting text data. This feature protects the encryption text copy that ensures the confidentiality of data stored on the computer.

The program is designed to encrypt the text in the IDE Delphi 7. Source code encryption program text can be used to write term papers, thesis or other work related to the creation of a secure notepad, text cryptography to protect from copying the text or any other task of encrypting text.
The aim of the program is encrypted to protect public text data from unauthorized copying using a cryptographic algorithm. That is, it turns out the program protected notebook.
The program interface is text copy protection consists of a main menu and text area. The main menu includes the following items: "File", "Options" and "Help".

In the "File" menu, you can create, open, save and protected by the text data.

In the "Operation" can create and delete pages and switch between them.

Menu "Help" will provide help for the program.
The composition of this product include:
1. The source code for encryption of the text in Delphi.
2. Executable files.
3. The help system for the program encrypt text copy.
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