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Beautiful melody of the popular pop groups of the last century SANTA ESMERALDA.Dostatochno conveniently shifted, play nice, there barre game to XII lada.Fayl pdf watermarked and protected from changes. Older Acrobat'y can not open or print correctly (the watermark on top of the music) - refresh, or use Foxit Phantom (I have a)
For intermediate and advanced podgotovki.Podrobnye notes duplicated tabulaturoy.Primer performance -
28.12.2017 3:51:31
Looks good
14.02.2017 20:39:00
Супер! Большое спасибо!
28.02.2016 21:58:08
Excellent! More arrangements of popular music, please.
26.02.2015 8:12:18
спасибо за ваш труд