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After completing the purchase of Anno 2070 - DLC 1, you will receive a license activation key immediately after payment in your account http: www.oplata.info

To start the additions Anno 2070 - DLC 1, you must have installed the original game Anno 2070.

> In the kit "Eden Project" includes: <

• Set Guardian 1.0

Moulder Technology has become one of the most important breakthroughs. With the help of a set of Guardian 1.0 you will be able to gain access to this technology is not taking part in the global event Eden. Due to the fact that this version N.A.U.K., it comes with a unique skin for the molder. Also, you will have access to the most advanced improvements that will make it even stronger. Features:

• Get direct access to the technology Moulder, improvements and unique skins.

• Set Script "Development"

Want to know more about the technology and its molders developer? Then a set of scenarios "Development" will help you to find out what happened to the inventor Josh. Help Josh to overcome all obstacles and complete his greatest development.


• 2 exclusive missions, and a new portrait

• Set "Eden"

Success technology molder became a great victory for the Eden Inishieytiv. They celebrate this victory with the new architecture series that will shine green in your city.


• The system of fences for Eco Eden (4 options)

• System for Eco Eden Park (4 options)

• Young shoots for Eco Eden

• Water wall for Eco Eden

• Amended the city center for Eco
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