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Aidaev SG Abuse of office: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Institute of International Law and Economics. AS Griboyedov, 2004. - 182 p.



CHAPTER ONE. HISTORY OF FOREIGN EXPERIENCE AND REGULATORY criminal responsibility for abuse of office

§ 1. The development of the Russian criminal legislation on responsibility for abuse of power

§ 2. Abuse of office of foreign law

CHAPTER TWO. Criminally-legal characteristic abuse of office as special KIND malfeasance

§ 1. The system of rules on liability for official crimes under the Criminal Code and the place of the requirements laid down in Article 286 of the Criminal Code

§ 2. Concept and characteristics of the basic structure of abuse of power

§ 3. Characteristics of qualified and highly qualified formulations of abuse of power

§ 4. Problems of differentiation of the composition of abuse of authority and allied offenses

CHAPTER THREE. WAYS OF IMPROVING rules on liability for abuse of power

§ 1. Improving regulations on liability for abuse of powers enshrined in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

§ 2. Improving the blanket detention and the practice of criminal law on the responsibility for abuse of power


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