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Bikmurzin MP The subject of the crime. Theoretical and legal analysis: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - Ufa: Bashkir State University, 2005. - 196 p.



Chapter 1. The evolution of views on the subject of crime in the Russian science of criminal law

§ 1. The development of the teaching of the subject of crime in pre-revolutionary period

§ 2. Concept of the object crime of the Soviet science of criminal law

§ 3. The current state of the teaching of the subject of crime

Chapter 2. The concept of the object of the crime and his place in the offense

§ 1. The terms "subject" and "object" in the existing criminal law, jurisprudence, philosophy and jurisprudence

§ 2. The concept of the subject of crime

§ 3. Place the subject of a crime as part of the crime

§ 4. Value of the subject of crime with guns and means of committing a crime

§ 5. The ratio of the subject of the crime and the victim

Chapter 3. Types of subjects crime

§ 1. Classification of objects of crime

§ 2. Information and intellectual property

§ 3. Property

§ 4. Payments with purpose




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