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Patented special supporting device, allowing it alone, quickly and comfortably cut logs for firewood chainsaw (with chain or electric).

Video of sawing cm. Http://


- You do not need to move the beam in the process of cutting, which considerably increases the speed of operation.

- Excluded clamping chain saw logs, resulting in a significantly increased service life of the tire.

- The log is cut into the same predetermined block length.

- Sawing off pads are rolled in the opposite side of the location and do not pile up sawyer underfoot.

- The device is easily and quickly folded, convenient for transport and storage.

The device, you can make your own hands at home on acquired drawings. Required tools - drill and jigsaw.

After payment you will automatically receive a link to download the file

The quick sawing wood. ChERTEZh.pdf. (505 kb)

The file contains:

- A list of necessary materials

- Drawings of component parts to their exact dimensions

- Assembly instructions.

The file can be used for

- Manufacturing for own use

- Custom-made piece of the population (inform the seller, there is a possibility for cooperation)

- Serial production for sale through garden centers (inform the seller, there is a possibility for cooperation)

Opportunity to pay SMS Coy (in the right window on the blue button "Buy" in the list, select "SMS-payment"
Anyone who has their own website, forum, blog or social network page, I offer an affiliate program. You tell on their pages about the device and set your affiliate links for the automatic sale of the file with the drawings. Half of the sum of all sales, perfect for your affiliate links will automatically be credited to you.

Address your affiliate links, see. At the top of the graph PARTNERS: Link HOW TO EARN.
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