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Popular music from the excellent comedy M.Zaharova. TWO options! One (recorded on video) in the classical technique, other - the technique of the game Chet Atkins. Arrangements simple, but rather to the average level of training guitarists - there barre, elements of tremolo, parallel sixths. Arrangements are also included in various collections (for example, a collection of "MUSIC national cinema" №4
Files pdf, notes tabulaturoy.V duplicate file may be present and watermark protection File change. If your not open to pdf file or printed incorrectly - please contact me, I will help 100%.
Arrangement made with a love of good music on every spent dozens of hours of time (including the testing of performance for video recording, etc.).
Earnest request: Do not you arrange to spread the acquired (or typed in another musical editor) freely available. Please, at public execution or when transferred to another electronic format - the author points out arrangements.
Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy parse successful game!
24.12.2017 16:04:33
Давно ищу это произведение в хорошем исполнении. Спасибо!!!
29.03.2016 18:46:57
Cпасибо, всё как всегда оперативно !
25.06.2014 12:33:08
Хотелось бы в формате GuitarPro
14.03.2014 17:45:44
Достаточно легкая в разучивании и красивая по звучанию.

10.02.2014 14:51:33
Отлично! Большое спасибо! Дай Бог здоровья и счастья автору обработки этой пьесы!