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Dangers meet us at every turn. It is an undoubted fact, which for some reason no one wants to believe. In our minds firmly lodged belief that if a brick were to fall, it will fly on someone else's head. For some reason we tend to see the causes of the disaster rather inexplicable bad luck or circumstances, rather than regard them as a result of our own wrong actions. Meanwhile, surveillance experts say the opposite: most of us are to blame for their misfortunes. A significant share of the blame for this can take our parents and teachers who did not care to make us vaccinated against complacency regarding the permanent preservation in person.

"Salvation drowning - the handiwork of drowning!"

Contents of the book:


Fear and Panic

Behavior during detention

Survival in prison

Banditry and hooliganism

Transport security

Food Safety

Protection of animals

Accidents and Disasters

Natural disasters

Accidents in the home



Rules of decorum

Folk wisdom
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