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Information on biological fields, 22 classes + training treatment with biological fields
Around each of us, and of any living organism there is a biological field (aura) .Vokrug human field of greater intensity than around the animal ...

Lesson 1


Learn rasslablyatsya.Autogennaya training is not goditsya.Tsel rasslab-

tion - the development of consciousness, its resistance.

To relax and get into the consciousness impulses from muscles (weight, pokaly-

tion, warmth, inconvenience) - ie Feeling through soznanie.Rasslabitsya and formation

pay attention to the right foot, on foot, aside from extraneous stimuli.

Everything that goes on foot, to feel, to perceive soznaniem.Dalee shift attention

on the part of the leg to the knee, repeat vospriyatie.Zatem - it's up to bedra.Prodelat

with the other leg.

Out of this and other exercises: inhale and discharge vospriyatiy.Gluboky

exhale three raza.Delat seven days.

Lesson 21


Inspect 5 - 6 people strictly by all patients programme.Nekotorye

also can feel improvement in their condition after your obsledovaniya.Daleer

followed by removal of some of the basic techniques of pain patients, although this course

It does not aim at teaching the magnetic lecheniyu.Svoystvo "rejection" of the

organism unfavorable information acquired is inevitable, but it is fraught with the North

Be a risk that very ill illness that the patient, so it is necessary to de-

lat correctly.

On the other hand, if you nastroenyk anyone unkindly and obs-

examines it, then it is possible that a lot of this in much harm poslednemu.Samy

a better, more secure, way to not make anyone else is bad - it iz

bavitsya himself from all the negative impulses against others because

Information is transmitted by thought instantly, without giving time analizu.V

this sense, the course leads to the acquisition of one of the most beautiful and valuable chamber

honors - the love of others.

After the session is absolutely necessary to lose information from the

hands and wash your hands with cold vodoy.V special cases to be taken cold

ny dush.Moya hands while in the shower, create a stream of water on which confidence

Enter the mind of negative information itself, closing it on the ground.

Thus, placing the patient at a distance, as mentioned above, and rassla-

bivshy make passes at a distance of 2 - 3 cm from the body for 5 - 8 minutes.

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