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You buy the official map PlayStation Network PSN 1000 rubles (RU) Russia account for RUS (Russian version). After the first purchase you get a discount on all subsequent purchases of our products!

The card you get Crazu after payment window that opens after the payment, as well as link to the page with the key will come to your e-mail specified at purchase.

************************************************** ***************

Pay attention:

• This card PSN only 1000 rubles for Russian (RUS) accounts, the currency of the wallet to be RUB!

Product description:

Payment card PSN allows to replenish the balance of the virtual wallet PlayStation Store for 1000 rubles.

Buy a PlayStation Network Card - payment card 1000 rubles (RU) - will get the opportunity to top up your virtual wallet.

Surely, every fan of the PlayStation aware of the existence of such a store as PlayStation Store. This is not surprising, because this store - a real fount for gamers. That is where you will find the content that is able to satisfy the ambitions of absolutely any gamer. Regardless of the platform set-top box, you can always find exactly what you need (for example, PS3, PS4, PSP, PSPgo).

You will be multimedia content, additional content for different games, the latest demos and exclusive games. Moreover, such a payment card can be a great gift for the gamer - now you do not have to go shopping and to choose one or the other game, because hero of the festivities will be able to choose everything myself.

Instructions for use:

1. Create Russian PlayStation Network account on the website (or use an existing)
2. Log in using the Playstation Store c PlayStation4, PlayStation3, PSP, PSP Go, a program or Media Go on your PC
3. Select "Redeem Codes" (on PS VITA need to click on the "Settings" at the bottom of the screen)
4. Enter your 12 character promotion code PSN 1000 rubles and click "Continue"
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem your promotional code PSN 1000 rubles.
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Keys buy from us
They are licensed, guaranteed to work and has not been previously used.
27.11.2015 23:59:02
Спасибо, все отлично!
27.11.2015 19:52:54
не очень быстро. но код верный
27.11.2015 14:28:41
Спасибо. Все хорошо!
22.10.2015 21:41:31
Всё отлично
21.10.2015 22:34:21
Всё супер, спасибо!
21.10.2015 19:35:50
Кошелек пополнил. Спасибо!
21.10.2015 19:18:28
Всё отлично!
21.10.2015 19:16:28
Код активировал успешно
10.10.2015 18:02:11
07.10.2015 21:29:20
спасибо еще раз)
07.10.2015 21:26:16
07.10.2015 14:45:15
Спасибо все очень быстро и все работает!
21.09.2015 14:21:23
Очередная сделка! +1
21.09.2015 13:05:58
Получил. Активировал.
31.08.2015 0:07:06

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