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Immediately after payment you will receive DIABLO 3 KEY GUEST (GUEST PASS RU) from the company Blizzard.
This key activates the start RUSSIAN version of the game. Ideal for familiarization with the game, and for those who still have doubts to buy a continuation of the legendary series Diablo.

================== INSTANT DELIVERY KEY =====================
You will receive a color photo of keys, can be seen on the personal page of payment.
Also key to the Diablo 3 will go to Your Email.

1. Go to,
2. Create a new account or login using your existing account.
!!! 3. Carefully type in the key !!!
4. Free download the game client initially and play.

Trial access with a guest key:
Owners of guest accounts may not be available gaming opportunities. In order to remove the restrictions needed to improve the game to the standard version. Blizzard may change the terms of guest access.
All characters created on the guest (start) version will be saved and you can continue to play them in the full version Diablo III.

To activate the full version of the game enough to enter DIABLO 3 CD-KEY Standart Edition RU or the EU / US is available below:


Buy DIABLO 3 ROS (RU \\ EU): http: // Id_d = 1816480
04.10.2017 23:12:21
Ключ рабочий, спасибо)
17.06.2015 7:22:04

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