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This project is to integrate auto parts store in can be used if you need a software project ready to write a thesis (course) with similar themes:

- Development of a database account auto parts;

- The development of accounting software auto parts store.

Database accounting auto parts store is designed to take account of machine parts. The program is written in Delphi 7 using technology ADO.

The functionality of the program taking into account auto parts store include:

- Editing auto parts (adding, modifying and deleting).

- Work with directories categories, brands and countries.

- Perform a search (data filtering) by name automotive parts, quantity, price, and other fields;

- Sort by all fields as well as decreasing increasing;

- Print selected goods and parts or all of which are selected through a search.

The program consists of four tables.

- Table of categories to specify types of parts, for example: engines, tires, doors, etc .;

- Table of the country used to indicate the country of manufacturer parts;

- Table of grades parts.

- Table of spare parts. This table is used as a reference all previous.

Table of auto parts, you can specify the following information:

- Category (Taken from the directory categories);

- Brand (Taken from the manual marks);

- Country (Taken from the manual countries);

- № warehouse. Integer numbers to indicate the warehouse where the car parts;

- Model;

- The number of parts;

- Name;

- Cost;

- Photo to the product.
After payment you will get the file with the following contents:
- Source code in Delphi 7;
- Compile the program.

Previously, before buying you can download the exe version of the program here:
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