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When buying technology production cost 3000 rubles, you get:

1. A full description of the technology of 3D doors at home.

2.Fotografiyu high resolution size 90x200 cm.

3.Sovety and secrets based on numerous experiments, as well as warnings of possible errors in the production 3ddverey.

4.Vozmozhnost free placement of your contact information as a representative of our company in your area that will allow customers to purchase from the site visitors.
You buy the technology of 3D doors cost 3000 rubles. Payment options can be found at "3D door"

Then purchase the necessary materials at the place of residence, the name of the material is written in the production technology. In the technology described 6 tested gels to fill the fabric of your choice. Simply choose the most affordable gel in your area. According to the experience already working to the company for the acquisition of the difficulties of the gel in the regions virtually none.

The package also includes the production technology one photo 200h90 cm. In electronic format. You need to print a photo in firms providing services to large format printing. Typically, these services are provided by the advertising companies. There is almost every city.

Following the acquisition of the necessary ingredients you should try out the technology of production. To do this, you are buying a flat door leaf and, keeping production technology, produces 3D door.

Once you´re ready for the manufacture of doors you write me a letter, call your personal code (located on the page with a description of the technology and advice on advertising) and provide for the publication of your contact details. I place them in "your area" on page region in which you are willing to work. Site visitors who wish to purchase 3D doors in your area will be placing on the line.
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Ни капли не пожалел, что потратился. Большое Вам спасибо, за огромный труд, проделанный Вами!
14.01.2015 21:23:28
Отлично! Написано очень подробно!
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Очень боялся ошибиться положил на яндекс деньги свой и перевел все получил доволен рад пошел читать...вникать...
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Технология получена, все описано достаточно подробно и понятно. Как получится в реале, будем пробовать
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Супер, технологию получил на раз, два, три. Всё обалденно, завтра побегу пробавать. Автору огромное спасибо.