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After payment, you instantly receive a license key to activate the addition of The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff DLC in the Origin system and turn on all network functions in the game.

To activate the add-on, you must have on your account the main game of Sims 3 !!!

Our guarantees:
- 14 years old on! Quality tested by time!
- More than 120 thousand sales!
- Over 20 thousand positive comments!
- Business level Webmoney - 550!
- For all goods a lifetime warranty!

The game has no territorial restrictions - REGION FREE and is suitable for activation in any country.

Click on the gas and go for a test drive with your character using the Sims 3 Speed mode catalog. For the first time in the catalogs of the series, you will receive, together with the machines, decor elements and clothes, aged in one of four auto-styles. Will your character become the new incarnation of the King of the Road - or will he drive around in an old-fashioned car with an open top? Will he rebel against the habitual way of life, wearing a country suit of a tough guy or an outgoing girl? Perhaps he will want to lead a life full of secrets and intrigue, dressed in the suit of James Bond (or his girlfriend) and sitting behind the wheel of a car stuffed with spy super technology? Whatever you choose, with the Sims 3 Speed Dial, your characters will make a trip that will be remembered for life!

@MediaSoft - 14 years old on! Quality tested by time!
Instructions for activating the key in Origin:

1. Log in to the Origin client or register a new account if you do not already have one. If the Origin client is not installed, then download and install it.
2. In the main menu of the Origin (button in the form of a gear), select the item "Activate product code".
3. Enter the activation key received and end the activation.
4. After that, the game will be displayed in the "My Games" section.

If you have additional questions, contact the seller in the online chat or write to e-mail.

Attention! The seller is responsible only for the activation of the key or the gilt! And is not responsible for technical problems when starting, in-game and non-compliance of PC and system parameters. All such problems are solved through official technical support of publishers.

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