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Matyunin AF Criminological analysis and prevention of bullying: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Institute of Law Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, 2000. - 201 p.



Chapter 1. The concept of bullying, his social relationships, socio-psychological and criminological analysis

§ 1. Hooliganism as a crime against public safety and public order, its place in the system of criminal violence

§ 2. Socio-psychological and criminological analysis of hooliganism, lifestyle bully

CHAPTER 2. Determination and causality bullying, his criminological specificity and identity bully

§ 1. Criminological specifics of bullying, its social conditions and the identity of the bully

§ 2. Determination of hooliganism and causality, the interaction of the social environment and the personality of the bully

§ 3. The most socially dangerous types of bullying, particularly aggravating and aggravating circumstances

§ 4. Viktimologichesky analysis of bullying prevention and victim behavior victims

Chapter 3. Features preventing hooliganism, public order and the protection of the individual against criminal attacks

§ 1. Ensuring public order and the protection of the individual against hooliganism

§ 2. Features of forms and methods for the prevention of bullying, its main focus

CONCLUSION (main conclusions and suggestions)

References used in the thesis

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