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Payment for goods you get addresses of several Russian WAP sites, or rather working online games via WAP.

Each of the games has a description and additional information. Html files with the description of games and images contained in a file that you can download immediately after the payment.

Genre MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) - "massive" multiplayer role-playing game in real time. This means that except for you in the vast game world there are others, such as you, the players (and the virtual characters and objects - monsters civilians items, money). You can chat, trade, fight, perform the mission, create spells to win castles, build and manage clans. The first game in the genre of MMORPG - "Meridian 59" was published in 1996. Behind her came a cult "Ultima Online" - a game glorified his genre is still popular. Young MMORPG genre developed quickly: "EverQuest", "Anarchy Online", "Lineage", "Sphere", "World Of Warcraft". Today, in the wake of the rapid development of mobile technologies and communications networks world MMORPG burst into our cell phones. This happened largely due to the gradually gaining popularity, protocol WAP.

At its core, WAP-sites - the same WEB-sites adapted for mobile phones. Similarly, the look and WAP-games - in fact, all of the same functionality, it is easy to view in the phone form. However, access to WAP-resources can be obtained not only from a mobile phone - you can play with a PDA or a conventional personal computer

Set up WAP on your phone, you must do, it must also be connected the service from your mobile operator.

Caution games and all the text information is displayed through the browser on your phone! This is not a software application and games do not need to install on your phone!
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