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You´ve probably already noticed that a large part of my arrangements made in the style of Chet Atkins. Possession of this technique makes it possible to perform rhythmic, fast music. This treatment is unique in some way - there CONNECT classical technique and technology Chet. And the change come in almost every step of alternately - very useful for the work. And the melody cool (as the movie itself :). For the preparation of guitarists - there barre (small and large), and other "troubles"
File pdf, notes duplicated tabulaturoy.Est watermark protection and file changes. If your reader beginning "to swear" (do not open the file), or incorrectly printed (the watermark on top of the music) - Foxit Phantom or use Adobe Reader X. There will be problems with the file - contact me, I will help 100%

Please: do not you arrange to spread the acquired (or typed in another musical editor) freely available. Enjoy parse successful game!
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отличное переложение!
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И вновь большое спасибо за оперативность и качество! Все отлично!