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Description of the program.

This program will help you to perform the processing and conversion lists. The program can be excluded from the list of duplicate addresses, correcting misspelled addresses using unique algorithms, filtering lists by various criteria, to unite and share lists, to make an exception from the list of addresses on the supplementary list. The program is able to enrich the names of the owners of a mailing list address information from other lists, delete address owner names from mailing lists, sort the addresses on the mailing lists, and more. This is one program that has included features several programs to handle mailing lists.

Description of operations:

Removing duplicate addresses

Separation of mailing list

Combining the two lists

The exception addresses from the list

Enrichment of the list (adding user names)

Depletion of the list (removing usernames)

Fix incorrect address

Address Filtering by masks, regular expressions, and substrings

Sort addresses on the mailing list

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