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The musical theme of one of the best contemporary films. Composer - L.Einaudi.Perelozhenie not difficult, but there are a few scenes that require elaboration.
Thank you for your purchase!
PS. If you not watched the movie - highly recommend to read it
Files pdf, single notes and tabulatura.Est watermark and protection against changes in the file. If your program is reading the beginning of "swear" (do not open the file), or incorrectly printed (watermark over the music) - use Foxit Phantom or Adobe Reader X. There will be problems with the file - contact me, I will help 100%
Are kindly requested not to spread you purchased arrangements (or typed in another musical editor) in free access.
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30.03.2017 7:40:21
Скачал, посмотрел все в норме! Думал что развод...Спасибо Игорю за прекрасную мелодию в исполнении на гитаре, буду учиться!
19.09.2016 22:09:16
well done
30.04.2016 11:31:53
Табулатура очень хорошая! Большое спасибо!
16.12.2015 14:11:34
Very good. thank you.
29.07.2015 13:34:34
very smooth transaction. Thank you to the author for the music
01.05.2014 16:23:04
Very good Tabs! Im happy :)