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The script allows you to instantly advertise with instant payment. Payment is via

The process is fully automated ad placement. Once logged in, the client sees the free advertising space and as a result of clicking on it to see the pop-up form filling announcements

Form filling a field for the image header, the main text, and links.

These fields are set in the file /banner_i/banner_i.php

Conclusion and registration fields are implemented with the help of a special class, and css file.

In the case of lack of space, displays the backup button to place that in the presence of free space available.

After placing the ad client is invited to go through the process of payment.

The whole process of placement, including the final result is instantaneous and visually fully visible to the customer. During the placement the client knows and sees, in what form will display its ads.

Ads are placed on a fixed term and out. If the place is occupied by other customers, your ad will be displayed after the place free, in order of priority.

In the settings it is possible to pinpoint the time of the ad in the day, the amount, and the discount depending on the term.

The administrative part, have the option to delete and edit ads.

The module is completely independent and can be integrated to any website.

It is also possible, to indicate links to a registered user on the site.

For example, the script for I-Soft Bizness, it is possible to deduce links leading to different sections of the company. These links can be seen in the activation of the counterparty on the site under his username and password and are displayed in a drop-down list. This capability is implemented as a method, and can be changed to any other system.

A working example of the module can be found at

How to work and install it on the website

When leaving a positive comment on the installation site is free.

To do so, contact the developer.

Also, as a bonus, the developer is ready to make some changes and adjustments.

To harmonize the necessary changes, contact the author using the form contact communication.
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