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Lesson №61. Creating your own properties using the utility Property Tab Builder
Video tutorial is dedicated to working with the excellent and very useful tool Property Tab Builder. I would call it a kind of designer forms a closed-source. That is for you to work with the Property Tab Builder does not need to possess special knowledge of a language (html, php, etc.).

The utility is downloaded separately from the SolidWorks software and has a very friendly and intuitive interface. Frankly, I had not used it, but studied it for a day. Therefore, I think you have difficulties with the Property Tab Builder also does not arise.

This tool will be useful to users of SolidWorks, regardless of occupation. Also, I advise to read it to those designs cabinet furniture - perhaps Property Tab Builder solve many of your problems. Learn, colleagues, and improve their work and its speed.

P.S. Property Tab Builder comes with the basic package SolidWorks - nothing to download and install is not necessary!
11.08.2017 10:17:48
всегда отличные уроки спасибо!
31.08.2016 11:21:40
Все ОК

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