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Урок №43. Таблица параметров SolidWorks на примере мебельного фасада + БОНУС №2
This lesson reveals the theme of the use of the table options in SolidWorks.

Table settings allows you to create multiple configurations of parts or assemblies by specifying parameters in the internal table of Microsoft Excel.

Table settings are saved in the document model, while it does not have the connection with the source file Excel. The insertion into the model changes are not reflected in the source file Excel. However, if you must, you can link a document model file Excel.

Often in practice, working with the program SolidWorks, we have to create different configurations of the same part or assembly. If you want to add a few configurations (2-3), in principle, possible to manage the "manual mode". But when the task is to make a lot of configurations of parts of different sizes, then you can take advantage of the wonderful function SolidWorks "Parameter Table"

Next, created automatically, can operate using the configurations in the drawings and their assemblies. For example, this can be the kitchen facade. And if the kitchen is used in the assembly of many types and sizes of facades, using the parameter table you need to create only one item! ...
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