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Lesson №64. Chain drive. Construction, mechanical interface, animation. (Two ways)

A comprehensive video tutorial on building the drive chain in the program SolidWorks. This lesson, in fact, consists of three parts: the construction of the circuit in the assembly file, building a circuit in the part file and animation of the two. Three lessons related common theme. In the course of the lesson will be considered by a lot of tricks and techniques with the use of interfaces and tools SolidWorks "Belt / Chain." Also consider the possibility of creating a tween chains for these two ways ...
28.07.2015 1:57:07
Интересно и полезно!
Но зачем же так много слов? Трёхкратное повторение не имеющих к существу урока вещей сильно отвлекает и тратит зря время.
05.01.2014 0:14:53
Быстро, оперативно

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