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In the manufacture of metal structures often a need for cutting pipes at a predetermined angle. Clipped tubes welded at a predetermined angle to the walls of structures, including fabricated two-tier knee.

Before using the cutting patterns (templates) imposed on the pipe, scheduled cutting line. For each diameter and each corner of the selected diameter, you must separate the unique template (template). Our proposed Excel spreadsheet allows you to get the dimensions for constructing patterns for marking of pipes of any diameter to be cut at any angle. Enter yellow table cell outside diameter of the pipe, the cutting angle, the number of points for the construction of patterns and you instantly get the ordinates and the abscissas of these points. Move these points to paronite or cardboard and smoothly connect them together. Leka (template) is ready. Who has a printer, open the table "Cutting the pipes under the angle of the macro." After plotting the scale, set the scale to 100%, select the necessary sheets and print.
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Программа отличная, даже СУПЕР! СПАСИБО! Продавец общительный и даёт советы, сайт продавца
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Только не разобрался как в натуральную величину делать
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Все работает спасибо
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Программа работает, нравится, продавец порядочен и отзывчив.
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Товар отличный просто супер!!!