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Flocking - method of coating the surface of the pile.

The material contains a large kolichesstvo photographs, charts and descriptions of the manufacturing process.

Volume: 85 p. Format: Word.




General observations (drawing flock)

The use of flock

"Textile block maternialov

Solid color flocking piece products

Color flocking piece products

Flock - transfer

Flocking roll materials

Flocking hard materials

Elektroflokator ruchnoyAS 80-2


Handle. Rod. Bunker.

1. Rod

2. Handle

3. Gofra

4 Cable

5 Fixing screw

6. Fixing bolt

7. petal

8. Rear hub

9. Fixing bolt

10. Tin strip bent into a ring

11. Screw-cap

12. Braid

13. Cable

14. Stopper

15. The center conductor

16. Bolt the current collection

17. Bushing

18. Washer

19. collector washer

20. Epoxy

21. Washer

22. Reception

23. Bolt

24. Washer / electrode /

25. Bunker

26. Cover the bin

27. Grid

28. Nut

Description of the assembly (see. Annex)

Elektroflokirovaniya technology - new developments

Flocked yarn and materials from it

Multicolor pile patterns

Assembly technology flocking unit.

The procedure for preparation and assembly of the generator.

Assembly housing
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