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Do you want to want to buy an LCD projector for home theater. Too much. Then the material will help you make it yourself in just $ 300.

The material contains a large kolichesstvo photos and descriptions of the manufacturing process.

Volume: 24 pages. Format: Word


Projector with their hands: XGA wall for just $ 300

The display on the wall

Components and price: the LCD screen and projector

Projectors: 3M, Elmo, WolfVision, Liesegang?

LCD display: resolution, color depth, response time

Step by step: remove the LCD panel

Assembly: LCD projector panel

Very important: cooling the LCD panel

Finish: assembled in the projector!

Boom projectors in 2004: the market growth of 50%

Pure Theory: Brightness, contrast, color temperature

Download video: Beauty 2-meter screen

Conclusion: an exciting experience
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