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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 1%
$200 the discount is 2%
$300 the discount is 3%
Fully automated system will instantly credit your Skype-account from 1 to 500 EUR, which can be used to pay for all Skype services, including Skype Out, Skype In, Skype Pro, Skype Subscription (subscription tariff plans) and others.


1. Discounts + Bonuses
Get discounts and earn bonuses.

2. Instant deposit
After activation code amount immediately goes to the Skype-account.

3. No tax
Your Skype-account will be credited with our European companies account for exactly that amount.

4. There are no restrictions
No limit on amount of recharge, refill on as much as you want and pay any service Skype.

5. Give the voucher
The code does not expire and you can give to friends or relatives who use Skype.

6. Safety, security and privacy
We are verified by WebMoney participants and formally adopted by the team "Skype Manager". Moreover, you do not need to specify a password from Skype-account for replenishment.

7. Legality
All replenishment pass through our Skype Manager - is a more reliable conventional Skype voucher that can be purchased illegally. Your Skype-account will never be locked.

8. Round the clock support
Hour technical support is ready to help in case of problems.

9. Quality Recognition
We rightfully earned a leading place in replenishing Skype-accounts. This is confirmed by numerous references from our clients who have chosen us, and come back again. Our system can be for you the ideal service for replenishment Skype.

10. A variety of goods
Rate the diversity of our products on page

BeeSyst - it is instant payment Skype discounts.
How to activate the unique code?

1. Enter the amount you need denomination, select the payment method and pay.

2. After payment: the buyer receives a 16-digit unique code and immediately goes to our website

3. In the form to activate the need to enter a login for replenishment and e-mail.

Account: a) the unique code can be used to recharge any account in Skype; b) does not expire; c) must be activated on site and are not intended for activation on other sites.
01.09.2018 16:29:23
Саппорт связался со мной, сказал, что пополнит мой счет после того, как сменю отзыв, на положительный. Надеюсь, что все будет успешно.
22.08.2018 18:02:49
товар рабочий
19.08.2018 13:29:20
хороший продавец!
14.04.2018 11:46:25
Деньги пришли.
05.04.2018 14:14:39
Все пришло.
06.03.2018 17:18:16
17.12.2017 21:38:09
02.11.2017 12:07:15
отлично всё
16.08.2017 15:09:06
Соответствует описанию
26.02.2017 11:39:03
Все хорошо, оплата в целом заняла минут 5
27.12.2016 19:40:51
купил ваучер в Skype , оплата прошла не так быстро как я предполагал но деньги в в Skype пришли с оповещением. Спасибо Администрации Plati и продавцу .Советую-очень удобный магазин.С уважением покупатель.
20.11.2016 19:15:58
Все хорошо
07.11.2016 7:54:18
19.10.2016 11:57:54
Hi / I bough Skype credit but unfortunately i haven received the credit . could u please help me . I activated at
22.08.2016 18:07:47
15.07.2016 22:14:44
Деньги доходят, но очень долго.
15.07.2016 14:54:25
активация долговато - около 30 минут, но всё ОК
02.06.2016 18:29:28
никогда больше не воспользуюсь сервисом, деньги так и не пришли
31.05.2016 7:05:00
20.04.2016 20:25:37

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