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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 1%
$15 the discount is 5%
$30 the discount is 12%
Things to acquire knowledge, and the ability to get bonuses worth 2,000 rubles, which will bring you additional profits at virtually no cost.

GUARANTEE your financial results when all recommendations video courses


Look at the screen shots shown:

The volume of sales of digital products of 1 million two hundred thousand on the information (of which almost 500,000 rubles on the trading floor, which does not have a cost, taking into account that the Commission services and payment systems 10% were 1.1 million rubles of net profit, or almost 45,000 rubles per month extra income, with sales of up to 1 hour per day.

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If you leave a positive feedback to the purchase, you can get as a bonus a few nice gifts

1.Vysokoeffektivnye templates of letters to send to customers. (Templates are used in the program

2.The program for the analysis of successful sellers on (cost 1000 rubles separately)

3.Shablony effective subscription page


Video course suited to any newcomer in online trading. If you do not know where to start, who to go, how to set up and run an online store quickly without learning the mountains of documentation on the steps of repeating what I will do in the videos, then this course is for you.

Video course is suitable for regulars trading platform because we understand how to increase sales, not on the interest, and in times!

Experience has shown that even my lessons help seniors build their online shopping This is not prohibitively difficult, in my step by step instructions you will make yourself an online store, without straining!

In addition, having all of the video lessons, you learn how to use accounting software customers and their relationships (CRM - simple business system)


Main unit:

1.1.Obzor service sales

1.2 Introduction to the account of the seller (overview menu options)

1.3 Addition of goods

1.4 Management products: discounts and black list of buyers

1.5 The use of the certificate of quality, discounts and avatars goods

1.6 Correspondence, disk space and security personal account

1.7 Using the Web-messenger

1.8 Creating your own shop based trading platform

1.9 Establishment of an agency shop

Block for advanced

2.1 Introduction to the system of relationships with customers CRM

2.2 Basic settings "just business"

2.3 Creating a database of customers

2.4 Import database of customers in a simple business

2.5 Communication with customers, writing and creating newsletters

2.6 Knowledge Base

2.7 Preparation of the positive reviews and rating

2.8 Unique Selling Proposition

2.9 The two-step sales model

2.10 How to encourage to leave a review

2.11 How to make customers buy again and again

Bonus block

3.1 parser sales statistics of goods and sellers (parser will be sent free of charge if you left a positive review)

3.2 Conclusion of electronic money to a bank account tied

Video course consists of 22 lessons, duration 3 hours
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