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Every second buyer (in random order) of all our products, who left positive feedback - receives one of more than 40 different games for Steam. Which one? You will learn about this when you receive your GIFT by mail.
It can be activated in the "Steam".

To receive a gift you must:
1) Buy a game from us
2) Leave a positive review with the comment “I want a gift” and indicate my E-mail in it
3) Expect.

Subscribe to a gift done within 48 hours after writing a comment.
Attention!! By putting a review - you guarantee that you have read all the conditions for a Gift and if something is not clear - they asked.

Russian language
Platform: PC
Activation: Uplay
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

ATTENTION! The key can not be activated on Steam and Origin.


The composition of the publication:
Cards for single and combined games "Coast of Death" and "Billionaire´s Yacht"
Unlockable equipment:
- 5 elements of equipment: gold and amber glasses, Ghost shoes, reinforced shoes and Tactics gloves.
- 5 suits: elite "Chameleon", spy costume, mercenary costume, "Higher echelon" and "Eclipse".
- 5 types of weapons: VSS sniper rifle, M1014 tactical shotgun, 416 assault rifle, F40 pistol and crossbow.

When the US becomes a target and inexorably runs out of time, one person can save millions of innocent lives. Rogue countries have put forward a tough ultimatum - the “Black List”, and if their demands are not met, they are ready to start a terrorist war. In conditions when there is no time to lose, the state government is ready to resort to the only tried and tested means - to call for help the legendary operative Sam Fisher.

As the commander of the newly formed elite unit "Fourth Echelon", which reports directly to the US President, Sam will have to destroy the terrorists and stop their deadly plans. At your disposal will be an impressive arsenal of modern means of destruction, including guided drone, with which Sam will be able to conduct reconnaissance, distract enemies and mark remote targets. All information about the upcoming tasks arrives on board the aircraft "Paladin", where your team is based. React to real-time events in the world and destroy enemies before it´s too late!


Do not miss hits, order from us)) - Arma III 3 - Battlefield 4 - Company of Heroes 2 - CS: Global Offensive - Dead Island Riptide - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Mortal Kombat. Komplete Edition - Saints Row IV - Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Edition - The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Total War: Rome II


The key is to activate when Uplay

1. Register your account at, if you do not already have

2. In its account through the button-gear activate the product, enter the key

3. The game will be added to your library of games and you can download it.

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14.04.2018 14:39:36
хочу подарок
13.04.2018 9:48:41
Хочу подарок
После оплаты получил ключ мгновенно, спасибо!
11.04.2018 21:24:15
Хочу подарок
03.04.2018 19:56:19
Хочу подарок
Ключик получил мгновенно, в числе языков был русский, все отлично.
24.03.2018 0:02:03
Ключек получен. Успешно активирован. Я доволен. Был бы не против получить подарок на
12.03.2018 19:07:04
Все хорошо, спасибо
04.03.2018 13:55:31
В uplay без проблем активировалась Deluxe версия. Спасибо
25.02.2018 0:08:16
Все супер.
20.01.2018 21:20:29
19.01.2018 17:41:08
топ , теперь еще бы подарок и я полностью ваш , о продавец сэмпай :^)
18.01.2018 20:33:26
спасибо,хочу подарок
17.01.2018 0:37:42
Активировалась, и правда Delux Edition)
21.11.2017 14:43:23
пришла и ладно
21.10.2017 17:54:06
Круто! Хочу подарок!
14.10.2017 13:15:40
Отлично.Всё быстро. Хочу подарок.
15.09.2017 16:06:25
купил себе,прошло нормально.Купил другу,должна была быть скидка 1%, и не мог оплатить,транзакция отменялась постоянно, пришлось возвращаться,убирать скидку и только потом смог купить второй ключ. Попросили отменить плохо отзыв,сказали что не их вина,писать в поддержку.
15.09.2017 15:59:38
Всё просто шикарно.
07.09.2016 15:33:56
Доставили чуть ли не быстрее, чем заказал. Однозначно за следующей покупкой приду именно сюда.

Ну, и хочу подарок. :)
23.11.2015 23:51:21
Received key in 30 seconds, already downloading. Nice service, would buy again. Thanks!

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