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Audiobook "site in a million" - Selected recommendations for improving the effectiveness of web-site.

MP3 + PDF version.

Website of the book:

What do you get by reading listening to or reading the book "The site is in a million"?

- Can increase the effectiveness of your web-site to get more customers and make more money.

- Be able to increase the number of orders from your web-site.

- Learn how to increase the level of trust in your company.

- Learn how to do so as often as possible visitors accessed it to your company.

- Learn about effective online tools that will help you get more customers from the internet.

- And a lot more "secret" of chips with which my internet agency "Brandmaker" makes for clients - ultra-efficient web-sites that sell goods and services to millions of rubles in the country.

Videoreviews with the presentation of the book "The site is in a million":

Videoreviews customers Sergei Novitsky:

Review of the book "The site in a million":

"This book is the squeeze of knowledge, which should have everyone who wants to develop a website on the Internet."

Director General of the hosting provider "Majordomo", Denis S. Imshenetskiy

"Read. Reread. Implement. To earn more money."

Business consultant international level Epifanov Dmitry.
A paper version of the book can be purchased at the online store

A link to an online store with a paper version of the book -

Link to application for iPhone -

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