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Analysis of technology impacts hanbo in singles and doubles embodiment, in response to an attack with a sword.

Samurai hanbodzyutsu. Traditional techniques. (Part 3)

Selected traditional technique Asayama Itiden Ryu and Ryu Kukishinden hanbodzyutsu in singles and doubles versions.

Samurai hanbodzyutsu. Technique for black belts (part 4).

Advanced equipment hanbo by Shoto Tanemura from a variety of unarmed and armed attacks.

Samurai hanbodzyutsu. Origins. (Part 5).

In this film S. Tanemura in the form of a conversation with a student demonstrates the origin of different techniques with hanbo showing work with the scabbard of the sword, umbrella, etc.

Samurai hanbodzyutsu. Telescopic baton (Part 6)

Tech self-defense and arrest using telescopic metal baton, put into service by the Japanese police. Technology combines techniques from Yawara, dzyutte, Tunb and hanbo.
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